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Increasing Sales through Improved Marketing

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High-Tech Marketing Talent for Rent

We can be the marketing department of a small company or augment the in-house marketing resources of a larger company.
redball.gif (888 bytes) Do you have marketing projects that need to get done, but for which you do not have marketing resources available in-house?
You should think of us as service providers who can accomplish marketing projects which otherwise would not get done, or done as well. Our capabilities range from strategic marketing consulting to technical writing, websites creation and maintenance, product literature, news releases, trade journal articles, market research -- and a lot more.
redball.gif (888 bytes) Is your website out of date and not pulling in enough sales leads?
Having a professional website has become a necessity for all companies. Not having a website is viewed by many as proof that a company is not a significant player or is no longer in business. We have created many websites from scratch and upgraded existing websites. We can secure your domain name(s) and arrange for high-speed hosting for only $9.95 per month. We have  developed expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize the pulling power of your website. And will maintain your website, which should be a living document.
redball.gif (888 bytes) Are you still reprinting old literature that does not do justice to your company or products?
Marketing communications for high tech companies is a TMG specialty. We will update and facelift your old literature, or generate new literature for your new products. We will take sales collateral projects from concept to technical writing, desktop publishing, and printing. We will work closely with your technical staff to assure that all information is correct and meets your objectives. We can generate color brochures which can be printed on demand at minimum cost or using a CMYK printing press with color separations.
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TMG has developed the ability to send full-color HTML email messages to your sales force or sales prospects, complete with pictures and working links to your website. There is no more cost-effective means to spread your message if you have a database with email addresses. And we will help you in creating this database.
redball.gif (888 bytes) Are your product launches professional, or do some of your most promising new products remain industrial secrets?
TMG will handle all aspects of the launch of a new product, including the Internet, news releases, announcements to the sales force, advertising, data sheets, configuration guides, price lists, training materials, owners manuals, and more. We will sit down with your staff to develop a detailed marketing plan, then execute this plan on time. We can do this work at our facility or yours, or a combination thereof.
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TMG can generate hard-hitting, bound proposals for you and accompanying PowerPoint presentations.

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Affordable Rates

We charge a reasonable hourly rate as a service provider. However, you will get high-power talent and personal service that you could not find anywhere else at any price, and there is no middleman markup.

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Your next step

Phone Harald Weiss at (949) 786-1403 to schedule a meeting. If you are located in Orange County, CA, Mr. Weiss will be pleased to meet with you at no charge to review your present marketing program, then propose a plan of action.


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Technical Marketing Group, Inc.
Increasing Sales through Improved Marketing
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