How to Integrate Website
with Email

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Broadcast email is the most cost-effective way to reach existing clients and potential clients.

Compared to printed material:

  • Easier to format.
  • No printing charges.
  • No handling charges.
  • No postage charges.
  • Instant distribution.
  • Easier to maintain mailing list.

Objective: Remind clients & potential clients of your existence & qualifications.

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How to Make Broadcast Email Happen

1. Set up a contact database.
-- In MS Access or ACT.
-- Code contacts by type.
-- Email field is the key field.
2. Systematically collect email addresses.
-- From business cards, trade meetings, etc.
-- "Data mine" your existing records.
-- Make email field mandatory in your web forms.
3. Acquire email mailmerge program.
-- WorldMerge 4.0 by ColoradoSoft, or equivalent.
4. Assemble content for a newsletter.
-- Any news related to your practice area: regulatory, new products...
-- Updates on your company: new capabilities, staff, products.
-- Add personal notes.
5. Create a web page version of newsletter.
6. Set up email mailmerge project.
7. Copy HTML code from Step 5 into mailmerge document.
8. Press Send button.
-- Personalized email is sent out at approx. one per second.

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