Website Mistakes

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Related to Planning

  • Lack of mission or planning.
  • Failure to integrate website with other media.
  • Failure to keep website up to date.
  • Failure to plan for metatags and search engine listing.
  • Turning website over to a computer techie (only).
  • Turning website over to a graphic artist (only).
  • Hiring a full-service ad agency (too expensive).  

Related to Execution

  • Lack of information content & depth.
  • Lack of address block on every page (hard to contact).
  • Pages too short (tedious navigation).
  • Unnecessary graphics (slow-loading).
  • Unnecessary wordiness.
  • Lack of graphics (all-text is dull).
  • Jagged photos (need anti-aliasing).
  • Fuzzy line graphics (need know-how)
  • Non-loading graphics, dead links.
  • Failure to accommodate different screen resolutions & browsers.
  • Use of frames.
  • Failure to include metatags, list website with search engines, and cross-link website.

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