Web Pages to Achieve
These Objectives

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Types of Pages

1. Home page
-- Introduction to your company & practice areas.
-- Navigation hub with links to your other pages.
2. Practice area page(s)
-- One web page per practice area.
3. Accomplishments page(s)
-- Major projects completed in each practice area.
-- Include photos if possible.
4. Qualification page(s)
-- Personnel resumes with photos. Highlight
education, certifications,
-- licenses & memberships.
-- Associates.

-- Facilities.
-- Special equipment.
-- Special resources from parent company (if applicable).
5. Clients page
-- Lots of colorful logos (taken off the internet).
-- Show companies ranging from large to small.
6. Accolades page(s)
-- Testimonial letters.
-- Press articles.
7. Publication page(s)
-- Entry page with list of publications by practice area.
-- Individual reprints (in HTML or PDF formats).
-- Special "how to articles" written for the website:
     "Ten points to consider when..."
        "Ten common mistakes to avoid when..."
-- Books for sale (show any good reviews).
8. Business page
-- Typical contractual arrangements.
-- How to minimize risk to client.
-- Next steps on how to get started.
8. Contact form(s)
-- Request for Quotation (RFQ) form.
-- Online survey & feedback form(s).
-- Collect information to build e-mail list !
9. Links page
-- All links to be cross-links.

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