Why Consultants Should Have a Website with their Own Domain

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Why have your own website?
  • Not having a website gives the appearance of not being in business.

Why have your own domain? (e.g, colligated.com)

  • Become independent of access providers (e.g., home.com)

The web provides special capabilities:

  • The least expensive marketing medium.
  • Choice of data formats: PDF, graphics, sound, video.
  • Ability to manage large amounts of information.
  • Instant data delivery.
  • 24 / 7 accessibility from anywhere in world.
  • Ease of updating.
  • Ability to hyperlink.
  • Ability to be found (search engines, online directories).
  • Ability to collect information (online forms).
  • Ability to sell information online (ecommerce).
  • Ability to transmit web pages via email.

Web is used by 99%+ of consulting clients in OC.

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